Forget the designer-client relationship you’re used to. And don’t sit around waiting for the solution to come down from the mountain. When you enter into a relationship with Collaborative Studio, you’re going to be part of the process. You’re going to be in the mix.

Our core values–there are only four–aren’t your typical dry stuff: 1) Excellence in work and life. 2) Creativity and innovation in all we do. 3) Idea exchange through collaboration. And 4) honesty and integrity. A simple but powerful list.

When we say “idea exchange,” we don’t mean just among ourselves. We really want the client to be a contributor. We have no interest in showing off how smart we are. We want to know how you tick, how you work and live, and what makes you laugh. Tell us when you are at your best or your worst.

How do we work? It depends on you. Because your needs are what we revolve around.

We won’t show up with a list of services. We show up with open eyes, ears, and hearts.

We want to know your ideas. You may think you have none or don’t feel like opening up. That’s okay. We have ways to make you talk. It will be fun. We guarantee that.