HCA Corporate Office Building 3

Corporate Office

Collaborative Studio has been commissioned to re-envision Building 3 on HCA’s Corporate Campus. This 100,000-SF 2-story building, which was originally a warehouse, was converted to office occupancy in 2001. As HCA’s corporate culture has changed, all other buildings on the Corporate Campus have been renovated. With Building 3 on the chopping block, Collaborative Studio presented a scheme to HCA’s senior management which re-envisioned the building with increased windows for natural light and views, a new entrance, canopy drop-off, and updated interiors compatible with other corporate building on campus. This solution provided a cost-effective workplace for 500-employees rather than the increased cost and time to build a new building in its place.

Collaborative Studio’s design for the renovation of this corporate office building focused on maximizing natural light and providing unique spaces for collaboration.  The office and workstation designs were revamped from the previous corporate standard to be more appropriate for today’s current work style.   Additionally, new corporate branding was integrated into the project color palette to provide a unified company image.